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A collection of 35 contemporary romantic and philosophical poems ranging through observations on life, love, the everyday, the day, parties, country lanes, city streets, meeting lovers, regret, holding candles, reflections, plus lyrics in a form for modern music.  Extract from the poem Memory:-

Lanes of memory bends to get by

tall hedges obscure and the sky is high

I reach each bend in a state of suspense

pass drives and gates where there is silence


passing places high expectation

to be controlled by near miss sensation

fallen branches deep ditches, mud

run over wild life bodies and blood ...............



A collection of contemporary verse dealing in 33 poems with issues of our modern way of living and our related concerns. An askance look at topics like the housing market, soaps, rural life, city life, north and south, different places across the UK and Ireland. I have taken these apart and set them into a  cryptic observation of the human condition - what drives us, what entertains us, how we are changing – evolving if you will. Extract from the poem Soap :-

I've just checked

there are dead people watching soap on television

the people they are watching

who are portraying normal everyday life

are also dead

it's a recorded show

Easy to see how dead people can somehow take up on each other

though because they are dead

there is little point to it ..............


A collection of 23 Poems of varying length and form, in which I aim to raise awareness of individuals who suffer, deserve mention, or stand out against the system, and the great majority who for their own reasons stay silent at critical times when their voices might make the difference between what is seen as fair and what is seen as corrupt in society.  Extract from the poem The Tide:-

It falls on me to meet the tide

of protest and mass hysteria

with questions that investigate

attitudes of mass media

the cause celeb the raging banker

the child molester family horror

the wars we fight the reasons why

flash point erupt and people die

slogan language catchy headline ...................


A collection of 30 contemporary poems of varying length and form dealing in a light-hearted way with issues of style:- lifestyle, living in style, living with style. How people style themselves to fit in with others – or not, country style both political and promotional, personal style, and more. Extract from the poem Escape:-

The attractiveness of an Escape holiday

is that you escape from the everyday

to the each day


Each day you will remember from where you escaped

and why (each) day will be remembered

from the incredible excitement between two midnights

two sheets

new bed(s)

new address .........




A collection of 14 Poems of varying length and form, considering political issues that have given rise to war, its outcome and the peace, in the first fifteen years or so of the 21st Century.
I write about the key conflicts of the Western world, challenging the political thinking of the day, highlighting the nonsense of political thinking at the time, and raising awareness of the wider context of democracy and the human condition.
Perhaps a little less humorous than some of my other poetry, but I try to be always ironic and pertinent in observation, I concentrate on the dilemmas, excuses and ironies of negotiation and getting agreement. Contents:-

In Praise of Cool Heads; Iraq Excuse Me – May 2003; Cold Warning; God’s Own Crusade – October 2004; Trouble was… the Blair Years; Talks – Belfast 1996; The Outcast – Thoughts Found in Downing Street; Bosnia 1995; Bullets; The Power of Suggestion; The Word; It Never Happened; Bombing; Egypt- 2013.

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​​​​​​​​​Mike O'Sullivan - novels, thrillers, crime, romance, poetry, Skibbereens, and the ocassional non fiction book

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