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Curled Up Dead - number 3 in the Hairdresser Murders series

Curl Up Hairdressers in Ross on Wye have held another successful annual Salon Party for their clients and staff. However, after a vibrant evening heaving with invited guests Maggie and Jennifer have more than just empty glasses and plates to clear up – there is a woman’s body slumped in a corner chair and she is not just sleeping off the night’s revelry. Chief Inspector Worcester and his team are called in to investigate the murder of Caroline, eldest daughter of the Duke of Hereford. She was not invited to the party. What was she doing there and who killed her? The case is sensitive with connections to be tracked across the country so Inspector Kirby is called back from his long deserved holiday in the Caribbean to help tackle the large number of potential witnesses. Lauren Canning, Chief Inspector Worcester’s insider in the hairdressing society of Ross, is on hand to help and may just have some vital information given her insights into the high flying society of the rich and famous in the county.


The Colour of Her Hair - number 4 in the Hairdresser Murders series

Lauren Canning hair stylist sitting in Emma’s Café in Ross on Wye is curious about a redhead who is nervously looking out down the street. Lauren is fine tuned in the art of detecting moods after her experiences with the Special Police Unit in Hereford. Suddenly the redhead leaves. Within seconds there are police sirens all over town and Chief Inspector Worcester is looking in the window of the Café at Lauren.
The Chief Inspector is chasing a blackmailer. The victim Lady Jane Adare is a relative of the Chief Constable. She suspects one of her lovers. Worcester includes in his list of suspects her City banker husband Josh who Lady Jane knows is having several affairs himself.
The investigation draws in a number of City bankers who are embroiled in their own corporate battles. Then one of them is murdered. Lauren is involved because she is dating one of the suspects.


Fringes - number 5 in the Hairdresser Murder series

Eva Cyclone, a strikingly beautiful hairdresser joins Fringes Salon in Ross on Wye but soon her landlord becomes obsessed with her and turns stalker. A trainee hairdresser has already been murdered in a car park in Ross and local hairdressers are worried. Lauren Canning from Mirror Images vows to help Eva but it soon emerges that Eva has come to Ross from France via New York to escape the attentions of other obsessive men. They are tied up with drug dealing and money laundering and Eva knows at least one of them is a security agent. To complicate things Eva’s family background is colourful and there is a history of the attentions of State Security Services.
Meanwhile Chief Inspector Worcester is tasked by his Chief Constable with dealing with an unwanted CIA agent who has turned up on their patch. Soon there are several stalkers, each being tracked by various State Security Agents, descending on Ross from Russia, France, and the USA in search of Eva. Then the landlord stalker is found dead in his car shortly after being outed by a group of Ross hairdressers organised by Lauren. Together with Chief Inspector Worcester the hairdressers led by Lauren need to find a way to deal with the stalkers and take on the international spies.
What people are saying about book number 5 in the Hairdresser Murders series:-
‘Young women outing sex pests and spies on the streets of a small English market town; how could this be any more up to date?’


No Short Cuts - number 6 in the Hairdresser Murder series

Lauren Canning, hair stylist at Mirror Images in Ross on Wye, receives a dramatic phone call first thing on Monday morning when a client, a banker’s daughter, announces she will commit suicide. During the call Lauren texts Chief Inspector Worcester of the Special Police Unit on her mobile who rushes to the scene. The investigation follows international bankers and money laundering, international drug syndicates, the FBI, and complicated double crosses.
Although no-one is entirely innocent the nearly innocents are drawn into the high level intrigue of cut throat greed and have to try to survive when they don’t know from where the next danger is coming. Trust is in short supply and there are no short cuts for Chief Inspector Worcester and his unit.

I Want Him Dead Straight - number 7 in the hairdresser Murder series

Lauren’s latest party sets up her hairdresser friends with Olivia’s visitors and sexual sparks fly. Amidst an explicit tale of physical attraction and exploitation, murder exposes the seamier side of local society. A local businessman is seeking his perfect muse, and another wealthy man is creating a dream opportunity for one of Mirror Images young stylists who is learning how to deal with this adult world. Adult content.











avonf Kndle   £3.48

Available on Kindle   £3.48

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