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Malik of America Square

​Malik the Egyptian head of an international management consultancy based in the CIty of London, runs for President of England against a background of political and social unrest. With eight weeks to Election Day, the monarchy has been dissovled and there is a growing panic in the traditional parties. Malik's story is seen through the lives of five activists in his newly formed Peoples Party. Two women and three men led by Patrick McCarthy, run guantlets of danger as the Royal Party in particular, tries to halt their growing success.




Set in the newly independent Ireland in Cork 1923. The Irish Civil War is over and the O'Brien family is feeling elated setting out their future. Will O'Brien, a Captain in the new Irish Army takes seriously his task to protect their freedom. He has experienced the trenches in the Great War and then the Civil War at home which has culminated in the tragic assassination of their cousin, the Irish leader Michael Collins. Will is focused so much on duty that he cannot keep pace with the changed attitudes of the women around him who walk through his thinking with a new sense of power. However, the big danger for Will is that powerful elements in London want to reinvade Ireland. He is part of a secret unit set up to counter this threat. Meanwhile Will's brothers are indulging in romps and flirtations led on by an ever interested range of spirited women. The story follows how the O'Briens deal with Ireland's prospective future that can lead almost anywhere they want.

The Hairdressers' Cut - first of the Hairdresser Murders crime series

​Lauren Canning is a hairdresser from Ross on Wye holidaying with two friends in Grand Cayman. While checking out the local hairdressing salon she is offered a job by the owner. Soon after, this is countered by a competing offer from one of the island's highest profile businessmen inviting her to set up a rival salon. While at dinner with this high flyer to discuss the proposal, her existing boss is murdered. The island's police need help to solve the murder and so Chief Inspector Worcester, based in Hereford, is sent out with his team to aid the investigation.


The 1906 Great Tullamore Whiskey Triumph

This is a romantic comedy based on true events that happened in Ireland in 1906 when the authorities wanted to close down the Tullamore Distillery and the case was so controversial that it was debated in the House of Commons.

Patrick Ahearne, His Majesty’s Inspector of Excise, has been sent to Ireland from HQ in London to investigate allegations of fraud at the Tullamore Distillery in his native Ireland. With his fellow inspector Whistler, he quickly decides that the local Excise man working at the distillery is honestly representing the position and that there is no fraud. However given HQ pressure from Chief Inspector Booth to find some transgression, and the ever lengthening and bizarre list of witnesses claiming there is fraud, it is clear that there is commercial competition and national discrimination at play in the system.


First Night

Dominic Hurley is 19 living in Cork with his parents and unable to get a job. It is 1968 and the youth culture sweeping Britain has not reached the deeply Catholic culture of the Irish Republic. Dominic and his girlfriend Bernadette know that their innocence combined with their passion will lead to trouble but do not know how to resolve their predicament.

Dominic decides to explore the possibilities in London, just for a week or two. He finds London vibrant and so positive that his life changes in just a few days. His innocence fades fast with all that London puts before him and he readily accepts the opportunities he stumbles across. His passive somewhat cerebral approach to life in Cork changes overnight as he indulges action and gets involved - a new job, new friends, new love, new education – he seems to have everything............


​​The House Sale


The House Sale is a romance set in London and Kinsale in 1989. Luke O'Brien a 34 year old management consultant buys a brooding old atmospheric farmhouse in Kinsale and has a one night stand with the owner Eileen Murphy a middle aged American heart surgeon. Luke, originally from Cork, wants desperately to lure his new love Niamh Cassidy a 25 year old chemist to stay with him. The proves as difficult as he first thought but he hangs in there being watched with interest by Eileen and an old flame from Cork Maggie Power. He hopes the house will come to his rescue.

Murder in Hope - number 2 in the Hairdresser Murders series


The second book in the Hairdresser Murders series. Hairdresser Lauren Canning from Ross on Wye, Herefordshire, England is back in Ross after a holiday in the Cayman Islands. She returns a million pounds richer after an island businessman’s intended deal with her collapsed due to the murder of his rival. One of her clients at Mirror Images, Cavendish Bishop, offers her the chance to purchase an apartment in his mansion Hope Hall. Ten weeks after she moves in Bishop is found murdered. The same police unit who questioned her in the Caymans turns up to investigate. They are amazed to find her living in such luxury. They already think she tricked them over their previous investigation. But things hot up when Bishop’s Will is read.








​​​​​​​​​Mike O'Sullivan - novels, thrillers, crime, romance, poetry, Skibbereens, and the ocassional non fiction book

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