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I WANT HIM DEAD STRAIGHT - number 7  in the Hairdresser Murders series

Lauren’s latest party sets up her hairdresser friends with Olivia’s visitors and sexual sparks fly. Amidst an explicit tale of physical attraction and exploitation, murder exposes the seamier side of local society. A local businessman is seeking his perfect muse, and another wealthy man is creating a dream opportunity for one of Mirror Images young stylists who is learning how to deal with this adult world. Adult content.


NO SHORT CUTS - number 6 in the Hairdresser Murders series

Lauren Canning, hair stylist at Mirror Images in Ross on Wye, receives a dramatic phone call first thing on Monday morning when a client, a banker’s daughter, announces she will commit suicide. During the call Lauren texts Chief Inspector Worcester of the Special Police Unit on her mobile who rushes to the scene. The investigation follows international bankers and money laundering, international drug syndicates, the FBI, and complicated double crosses.
Although no-one is entirely innocent the nearly innocents are drawn into the high level intrigue of cut throat greed and have to try to survive when they don’t know from where the next danger is coming. Trust is in short supply and there are no short cuts for Chief Inspector Worcester and his unit.

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